Suburban Herbarium


William Arnold

ISBN 978 1 910010 23 5
128pp, 234 x 142
paperback with flaps
First published 2020, reprint 2022. £14.00


UK £2.15
Europe £5.25
World £8.30

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“…the ordinary made stupendous”

This collection of plant portraits is not bounded by an ecologist’s quadrat, but by what has been gathered during the length of a regular lunchtime walk. The one hundred photographic specimens form a homage to Victorian botany from “the rear-garden cut-through, waste-ground, marshes and still rural in character back-lanes of the City of Truro’s rural-urban fringe”.

With a foreword by naturalist and author Mark Cocker, and an essay by Val Williams placing the work within the historical context of botanical photography.

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William Arnold is interested in the layers of human and natural history that comprise the making of the landscape, and the role played by the photograph in documenting time and change—the subjective and objective politics of places and their histories. He lives and works in west Cornwall.